Le Voyage


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This album shows the invisible worlds all around us and tells us we have access to them once we're back to elements and in ourselves. This is the expresion of light from each being is made of.

The truth is : find your responses yourself through elements, wilderness, and yourself only.


released November 15, 2016





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Kosmos is the pure expression of light inside each of us !
The Kosmos' music now invites you to find all the responses you're looking for in yourself and once you're back to elements !

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Track Name: Light
How come I can't find light
How come trust is gone
Everywhere I'm watching
All looks like perverted

This Darkness is vaccuming
My Soul
A venomous blood
In my veins

The more I open my eyes
The more I'm getting blind

Could someone drag me
From this chaos

From this chaos

Others could unleash from this stench
Others have defeated misfortune and misery
Maybe I just can't see light itself
Maybe blindness is not about eyes

Suddenly Darkness gets less thick

A Ray of light is tearing darkness apart
All is done

Feed me, Feed me until you can burn my heart, my mind, with your precious knowledge
Track Name: Thriving Wisdom
I have been told there is someone
High above the stars
I have been told he's strong enough
To protect anyone

What do you expect from me
Now I know the truth
There is no one except ourselves
To get over human ordeals

Then I start showing no mercy
They expect me to be more peaceful
I just let them size how hard I can be

The feeling of betrayal blackens my heart
I prefer dealing with loneliness and wilderness
Humans built their temple where cowardness and pain
Are the rules no one dare to argue

Too many shortcomings
This humanity is not mine
Taking off the Earth
In search of what life is made of

Uncertainty and suffering take part, in this world as they have shaped it through ages

That's why humanity has written its own truth and has spread much more sad and painful reality

I am my light, I am my heat, I don't need to be told or taught what thinking about it

If everyone could think this way, nature and man together as one
All darkness blinded by wisdom rays of light
Track Name: An Angel Behind Each Star
I raise my head to watch the stars at night
It seems the sky tells a long story of brighten matter
I'd like to know if this matter can see me as well
All this darkness with so many different worlds

I am both fascinated and afraid
Afraid to be swallowed by emptiness
I fear a cold place with no light & no one
An unknown part of this huge darkness

Inner whispers tell me I should see
Hope that comes from this black mass
Instead of fear, instead of a threat
Something with more might, with more wisdom

Watch the angels coming !
Track Name: Divine Sword Anthem
Anywhere I look I can see the world set ablaze in violence and destruction, a shapeless sadness everywhere

An army of terrifying creatures made for killing and eating human flesh, an incredible nightmare that comes true

Running away is helpless I cannot believe what I'm watching is true, I fall to my knees when I understand all is over

These creatures seem more fed by killing than eating our flesh, maybe a fate we are doomed to experience

A light screen, a warm light, suddenly blinded, the battlefield with no shade
Dark silhouettes, descending, from the sky to Earth, they are all mighty beings
A couple, of brave knights, fighting for justice, no compromise in their eyes
Magma, is their blood, once angry they are, fire is their worst scourge

They fought with bravery without fear in their look wounds from creatures' swords, seem thrill their wish for justice

They're strong willed, Fanatic, each blow one victim, the battlefield is free from all darkness

We all feel an instant strenght, watching these light beings, fighting with so much bravery
We all grit our teeth and go to fight, maybe we're gonna die, but hope in our heart is stronger
Track Name: Shamanic Visions
The lakes, the hills, the skies, all the clouds, even higher, come all from light
The hawk, the wolf, the dolphin, all a role to play, none of them prevails
The roots, the branches, the leaves, watch the trees, and learn strenght from them
Go on, the top, of the hill, and get your head, filled with shamanic dreams & visions

The spirits can talk to me, my eyes are closed but I can see even further, into another world
These shapes are energy, the talk isn't spoken, only sensations, only visions, all is clearer
Some questions are the path, that sets all your being, in the achievement
The understanding of light that gives birth to everything, even darkness
Track Name: Le Voyage
Une froideur qui fragilise ton existence, une absence de chaleur,
L'amertume ancrée dans une substance, fantomatique
Ton enveloppe, un corps lourd de lui même, vide et sans âme
Un amas de chair déprimant, incarnation du mal le plus sournois

N'as donc tu jamais rêvé, d'un ailleurs sans nom inexploré ?
N'as donc tu jamais laissé vagabonder tes pensées les plus intimes ?
Maintenant abandonne tout ton être à celui qui saura
Raviver la flamme de ce passé que tu n'as même jamais rêvé

Transpire, cette vie, de médiocrité, remonte le temps
Reviens, à ton état, initial, foetal
Revis, la forêt, les parfums, les visions
Transcende, tes cinq sens, deviens, ce que tu veux

Ce voyage est la clé
Rallume le feu, les rituels
Bientôt, ton coeur de chamane
T'affranchira de tout

Transpire la transce
Avale la lumière, la puissance
Les esprits sont à nouveau
Les guides immortels de ta vie

Tu couperas les liens
Aucune autre vie ne te retiendra
Les souvenirs s'effaceront
Tu redeviendras animal