Ashes Of The Orphic Dream


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The brand new album of Kosmos will be released in LIMITED (100) DIGIPACK. It is called "Ashes Of The Orphic Dream".

I'm proud to announce that this album is by far the best album of Kosmos. There was the perfect team to support me through this huge work, I mean : S.Sorthei (Pavillon Rouge) playing the drums and xOv about The Orphic concept including the complete artwork one more time.
"Ashes Of The Orphic Dream" contains 07 tracks including 02 intrumental ones.

Here is promo album you can listen :

It deals with Human created as the main energy meant to bring harmony, to bring a common sense in a world made of infinity.
Human was the real source of power supposed to get everything better by spirit.
This album deals with the Orphic Dream, the fact that human nature has been created to bring light, to get the world brighter, better. But humans' feelings have brought something unexpected. Unstead of harmony, respect, they just spread jealousy, sadness, misfortune and step by step became the disease of the earth. They got the trees dying, flowers withering, animals more and more cruel to each others.
Then the Titans were called to eradicate humanity which is not worth living anymore.
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released May 19, 2015




all rights reserved



Kosmos is the pure expression of light inside each of us !
The Kosmos' music now invites you to find all the responses you're looking for in yourself and once you're back to elements !

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Track Name: Blank Earth
Blank earth, darkness, daylight,
As if nothing else would come
A quiet sphere, in the midst of nothingness

They gaze at their work, bright planet
It was born on fire, god's warfare
Elements are their answer to the black void
Passionate work, a jewel in this nowhere

Flowers talk to the sky
Clouds feed their scent before fraying
At the crown of the tallest trees
Track Name: Heaven's creative energy
They're willing to give more
To give birth, to take life away
They will provide a tool
To illuminate the power

Man is here, their heaven
They got down on their knees
Holding the creative energy
Of Reincarnation

"You are the last missing piece
A world that needed the Artefact
In order to feed consciousness
To grow quietly, a dream that comes true now"
Track Name: The Scourge Pouring Its Blackness
They have been given fire, feelings and knowledge
The worst weapons to overpower
Could they have been something else, but a scourge,
With such fire in hands
Despising each others, scorning nature itself, begetting a gap,
In which values no longer shine
They have pourred blackness by cruel wishes,
Sheer nastiness harboring dreadfuls deeds.

Black energy, Jealousy
Defacing all, Stabbing deeply
Black energy, Bringing about
Mutilation, Man turning wrong
Sly human race, Always about
To wipe Earth out, To get more wealth
Once did they give, Their soul and spirit ?
Would they do it, Instead of boasting about warlike deeds ?

No Virtues, only Issues
They just went too far
Hurt too much, now it's too late
Humans must disappear
Track Name: Upheaval Of Titans' Might
They worshipped a father
That whipped so strong
Widespread suffering
Stoking a blackening fire
A blackening fire...

How come they dared to focus on spreading negative force
How come they became so shallow

"We call upon human's doomsday
Now look at all that hatred, in furrows you have dug so deeply"

Gods, themselves, felt defiled once betrayed
They unleashed the Titans, supreme wrath's name against man

Their corpses will feed the earth unlike their souls
Track Name: Virginite Originelle
L’État originel, une nature brute irrégulière dans sa forme
Un monde d'équilibre, purifié, sans aucune force conspiratrice, forçant ou ôtant la vie
Extension de Gaïa elle-même, instinctive par nature, l'humain n'est plus

Des cendres partout, la terre se nourrissant d'une mort libératrice, par le feu cosmique
Un feu sans lumière, pure énergie, qui vagabonde dans les âmes et les éléments

Que les palais, les cités, les nations soient noyés dans les eaux purificatrices
Que les traces du couronnement d'une race si néfaste laisse place à la virginité
L'homme n'est plus, ne sera plus jamais

J'ai attendu jusqu'à ne plus espérer, pour contempler la splendeur
Une oeuvre si complexe et magnifique qui ferait chavirer le coeur d'un millier d'êtres titanesques